Beef and Pork

Occasionally we have a steer go off for slaughter. We also produce Rose Veal and Milk Fed Pork. When we have meat we will annouce availability and prices here. 


This is produced from bull calves that would otherwise be culled at birth.  The animals are allowed to suckle from a cow and then once weaned graze alongside the young heifers during the summer months and are housed with the dry cows during the winter months.  They are fed grass silage with the additional of some hard feed when necessary.

1 Jersey Steer has recently been slaughtered, and the Beef is now back.

Please reqister an interest in the meat using our e-mail address.  Date available AND approximate price will be Posted Here
Date Available:  Now
 Approximate Price (this is subject to quantity, cut and distribution costs): see cut list
some cuts will be less and others will be more than this
Rose Veal
Calves are allowed to multiple suckle on a nurse cow.  They are group housed on straw beds and enjoy the best possible life for the short time (approx. 9 months) they are on the farm.

There will be a calf ready towards the end of November 2014
Date Available: Not at Present
Milk Fed Pork
We buy in piglets and rear them outside, feeding them on the skim-milk and buttermilk from our creamery, and barleymeal.  

We sent 3 pigs for slaugher on 15th June 2014, sausages are now back bacon still to come
Date Available: Not at Present

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